Jessi Hagood is an award-winning commercial photographer based in North Carolina. She is a graduate of both Appalachian State University and Randolph Community College where she earned a degree in Commercial Photography.

Jessi is currently a photographer for Sports Endeavors – the umbrella company for,, and

She is also a contributing photographer for the NC Triad’s YES! Weekly magazine.

Jessi has assisted renowned food photographer Renee Comet, located in Washington, DC; working on projects for the US Postal Service (the Forever Wedding Stamp), AARP, Mt Vernon’s “Dining with the Washingtons” Cookbook, Trollbeads, and Marriott International.

In 2011 this blog was recognized as one of’s “Top 10 Blogs that Rock” at #2.


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  1. Hey I got a question……what kinda software do i need to fix pics on my cpu. One more….How do you get a pic. with black and white and just a single color item in the middle….you know what i mean?

  2. I really like your photos from Overlook Cemetery. I live in Eden and I dont think Ive ever seen the art in that place. (Overlook) Very cool.

    Im also wondering if you happen to know where “Woodlawn” cemetery is or if there is an actual cemetery called “Woodlawn” in Eden. I cant find where it is! So strange.
    Any info is appreciated. Love your work. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Jessi – I’m enjoying the breadth of your work and your discovery of the ‘new’ and ‘extraordinary’ within a familiar world. Please allow me to nominate you for the Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you for all you do.

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