Graceland: Home of the King

Here it is! The post my mom has been waiting for since we returned home. This is a long post with lots of photos, but trust that there are MANY more that I’m saving just for me (and mom).  I’ll spare you every single detail.

No pilgrimage to the land of Elvis would be complete without staying down at the end of Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel. Yes, it really is at the end of Lonely St.  The best part of staying here? The biscuits and gravy for breakfast! YUMMY!!!

Our first night in Memphis, mom and I walked to the gates of Graceland. It was a spiritual experience.

And now our visit to the house. We had VIP tickets and were on the first shuttle to the house – smart move.

Living room, leading into the music room.

Dining room

Gladys and Vernon’s bedroom

The staircase

The kitchen

The mirrored stairway to the basement. My soccer people will notice the Messi jersey at the bottom of the stairs. 🙂

Elvis loved some mirrors! The TV room.

And this…

Jungle Room!!!

The back of the house and horses.

Elvis’ guitar

Trophy room

Grammy awards!

Lobby of the racquetball court

The racquetball court holds more trophies and memorabilia.

Meditation Garden

Back to the front of the house.

The Lisa Marie

Sun Studio and Memphis photos to come.


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