Tupelo, MS: Birthplace of Elvis

My little sis and I gifted a trip to Graceland to my Elvis-adoring Mom for Christmas/Mother’s Day. Of course, the trip had to start with a short drive to Tupelo to see where it all began…  And it was well worth it!  Here are just a few photos from our visit.

The 2-room shotgun house where Elvis was born.

The bedroom.

The kitchen.

The church that Elvis attended as a child. It was moved from it’s original location to the birthplace park.

A statue of Elvis at 13, when he and his family moved to Memphis.

My mom with a replication of the Presley car from the time they moved from Tupelo to Memphis. Isn’t she cute?

And Tupelo Hardware, where Gladys bought Elvis his first guitar. The interior remains the same as it did then, original floors, walls, and displays. I was so awestruck with the store that I neglected to take photos once inside. What can I say? I get star struck, too!  Visit their website for more photos.


6 thoughts on “Tupelo, MS: Birthplace of Elvis

  1. Thanks for these pictures. I will be going soon as my Mother’s Day gift. I had to wait until the younger children finish their end-of-year tests for their mommies to be free to accompany my older niece, my sister, and me. I have loved every picture you have posted during the trip, especially these!

    1. Thank you, Fern. I know you’ll have a great time on your trip! Memphis and Tupelo are both so fun! Be sure to eat at the Arcade Restaurant (the French Toast was Elvis’ fav breakfast), take the Sun Studio tour (it gave me chills), see the ducks at the Peabody, and of course, visit the Lorraine Hotel.

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