project 365: 12.14.11

It never fails: I have my camera pointed at some obscure object or food and someone asks “Why are you taking a picture of THAT?”

I love photography – all kinds of photography.  I love taking photos of the objects that people walk by every day and either don’t notice or take for granted.  There is beauty in everything!  And all of it can be art!  I especially love finding abandoned buildings or objects, especially old homes.  Who lived there?  What memories are there?  Why was it left behind?  I’m saddened to think that at one time someone was very proud to have built or owned this house, but now it has been forgotten and left to rot.

A friend and I hit a gold mine when exploring an old family farm.  It hasn’t been forgotten, the current owners saw us walking around and came to talk to us.  But they aren’t able to keep the place up.  The house is falling down.  One of the buildings has lost its roof and looks to have burned.  But in one of the buildings were great old glass jars and bottles, an antique ice chest, and many other goodies.  And then we walked into the barn and found this old car.  I think my heart skipped a beat.  Amazing.


5 thoughts on “project 365: 12.14.11

  1. I’ve got thst comment myself many times. I usually answer: Some see it as trash, others see it as an opportunity to create something new.

  2. I am ALWAYS getting that comment from family and friends as well as people who have no idea who I am. Or they ask, “Why in the world would you take that picture like that?!” when I am lying on the ground with my camera pointed up under some interesting thing. They will never understand…
    I love this one – the contrasty black and white is like candy for my eyes!

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