project 365: 9.16.11

I awoke this morning to the news that a friend had passed away. Apparently she had taken her own life, leaving behind a dear husband and sweet, beautiful daughter. My last communication with Amanda was to plan the next time I would take photos of her little girl, Lydia.

I have known Amanda for a while, although not THAT well. I knew her in high school. She was a year younger than I. But we connected a couple of years ago when we discovered a common love of running. We were both training for a 1/2 marathon and got together Saturday mornings to share our long run. While running for a couple of hours at a time, we talked, A LOT. We shared our loves, our pasts, our gripes, our muscle aches, and even shared a couple of spills on the side of the road. (Of course they always happened at the busiest intersections in Eden) 🙂

At the time, she was finishing school to become a teacher. She was interning at MHS, our high school alma mater. And she was hoping to get a job there after internship (which she got). She inspired me to go back to school and pursue my passion. Her smile would light up a room and she had the ability to make a person feel at ease upon first meeting her. She inspired me to run that extra mile, even when I was ready to STOP! 🙂 She would say “you can stop now, but I’m gonna go another 2 miles. You’re welcome to run along.” And so I always would. And I always felt better for it.

Thank you, Amanda, for being an inspiration to me and so many others. As I have witnessed on your facebook page today, you are loved by so many. Your light and spirit have touched so many people. I am proud to have known you, if only for a brief time. Every memory I have of you is of laughter and light. Thank you for touching my life and sharing your beautiful smile. I love you.

My photo of the day is in memory of Amanda Carter Rorrer.


2 thoughts on “project 365: 9.16.11

  1. How sad that you have lost your friend…she must have been in terrible pain to do such a thing…felt that way myself, there but for the grace of God…love to you & all her family. Let us hope that she has found peace x

  2. Amanda always went the extra mile in everything she undertook. I wonder if the miles became so long and difficult that she couldn’t navigate the journey anymore. Jessica, your words are touching and true. I am happy you connected briefly with this amazing young woman. She touched many lives for the good, and I cry inside for the young people whose lives will never make a connection like yours. Her presence was warm, accepting, and positive. Anyone who knew her was blessed if even for a moment.

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